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Bachelor of Science in Criminology was offered by University of Saint Anthony since 1973 up to present. In 1973, it was given recognition to offer first and second year level and in 1975, recognition for third year and fourth year level was given/awarded by CHED to USANT. And from there the administration of USANT from the founder to the present president Atty. Santiago D. Ortega, Jr., its facilities continuously improve and develop to respond with the trends of technological investigation since graduate of criminology course can practice their profession to any of the following as stipulated under Republic Act 6506, the law that regulate the criminology profession: PNP, BJMP, BFP, NBI , Probation and parole Office PDEA, AFP, Bank Questioned Document and Signature Verifier, Laboratory Technician as Fingerprint Examiner, Ballistics Examiner, Document Examiner, Polygraph Examiner, Photographer; Academe, Security Officer, Criminology Researcher and other that their profession quality and suits.

Now USANT Criminology Course, with its quest for quality and competitive education continuously improve its status and condition in fact accredited already by PACUCOA for Level II and desirous to buy and provide for modern technological facilities to wit; Scientific Polygraph, Scientific Forensic Comparison Microscope and additional equipment and facilities for criminology education.

Department Programs

  • Physical Fitness Activity – Every Friday
  • Flag Ceremony – Every Monday
  • Mass – Every First Friday of the Month
  • Student and Faculty Orientation – Every Semester
  • Seminar for Criminology Students – Every Semester


  • Dark Room for Police Photography with complete instrument and equipment
  • Fingerprint Room for Personal/Identification with complete equipment
  • Ballistic Room for Forensic Ballistic Examination with complete equipment
  • Interrogation for Polygraph Examination with complete experiment
  • Questioned Document Room for Document Examination with complete equipment
  • Crime Scene Room for Crime Simulation - with complete equipment
  • Court Room for Court Trial Simulation - with complete equipment
  • Firing Range for Target and Combat Shooting - with complete equipment
  • Swimming Pool for First Aid and Water Survival - with complete facilities
  • Martial Arts Room for Defensive Tactics - with complete facilities
  • Patrol Car for Criminology Intern Program
  • Forensic Chemistry Room


The vision of the Criminal Justice Education (Criminology) is to produce a quality graduates who are professionally competent, morally upright and law abiding citizens of the Philippines who can deliver an effective and efficient services in the field of Criminology, Criminal Justice System, Police Administration, Industrial Security and Safety Administration, Correctional and Jail management.


The mission of the Criminal Justice Education is to provide the community with quality graduates with broad, tolerant and intelligent perspective, able to enhance his standard of life and contribute to the welfare, total progress and upliftment of the nation through quality education in the field of law enforcement, science and technology.


  1. To prepare the students for the career in crime prevention, scientific police administration work, criminal justice administration, and correction and jail management.
  2. To provide students with a broad cultural background and an understanding of the constitutional guarantees and due requirements of law insofar as it affects the total administration of justice.
  3. To provide opportunity, instruction and guided experience by which the students learn the basic knowledge and acquire the skills essential to the practice of Criminology and its allied fields
  4. To inspire and instill in the students the value of service to humanity as the best work of life.
  5. To foster a higher concept of citizenry and leadership and on understanding of one’s moral and legal responsibilities to his fellowmen, his community and his country.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology – Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEPAP)


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